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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for opening an AT&T wireless account?

You may need the following info: The account number and/or mobile number The name of the account holder, their relationship to you, and your contact email address The last four digits of the account holder’s Social Security Number

How do I log in to my AT&T account?

First and foremost, go to the login page through Then, at that point, click on the sign-in choice which will redirect you to the email login page. Presently, enter your AT&T or mail id followed by your password. Then click on the sign-in option.

How do I transfer billing responsibility on an AT&T wireless account?

You can transfer billing responsibility for an existing line of service on your AT&T wireless account to someone else, or you can request that someone transfer billing responsibility of a line on their AT&T wireless account to you. Learn how to request a transfer of billing responsibility. Suspend service for one or more lines

Does an AT&T wireless plan include unlimited talk, text, and data?

Unlimited talk, text, data plus 50GB of Premium Data ^ After 50GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. AT&T 5G access Included!

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