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Frequently Asked Questions

Is att a good phone company?

There’s a reason why AT&T ranks among the most popular wireless providers in the country. 2 AT&T has consistently delivered reliable coverage and decent data speeds for years now. It’s like the old ham-and-cheese sandwich you have for lunch every day—a dependable staple.

Is AT&T a good carrier?

AT&T is one the best carriers in the industry, but that doesn't mean there aren't both pros and cons to consider when looking at its plans. There are plenty of things to like about AT&T's offerings, but whether or not they apply to you specifically is the real question.

Is AT&T and cricket the same?

Cricket uses the AT&T network so you can expect similar coverage and reliability between the two . In national rankings, AT&T generally ranks second or third behind Verizon while alternating spot with T-Mobile. The main difference, however, is the speed caps and deprioritization that AT&T imposes on Cricket customers.

Does att have a contract?

Does AT&T have no contract plans? Yes, you can choose from a great selection of prepaid phone plans with AT&T MVNOs including Good2Go Mobile, Red Pocket, and Pure Talk. They operate on the AT&T network offering you the same nationwide coverage, but without being tied into a lengthy contract.

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