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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you teach the zones of regulation?

The key to successfully teaching the Zones of Regulation is to spend lots of time solidifying the Zones concepts through repetition and play-based learning activities. These Zones of Regulation activities and printables will help you do just that.

How can the zones of regulation help children regulate their emotions?

When taught and implemented consistently and in a developmentally appropriate way, the Zones of Regulation can help children understand and regulate their emotions. Children should be provided numerous opportunities to practice these skills over a range of environments.

Is there a bundle of free zones of regulation printables?

I created this 22-page bundle of free zones of regulation printables to make it a bit simpler for people downloading a lot of items from this list. It contains all the freebies in the list, but you’ll also find some free printables exclusive to this bundle, such as “size of the problem” activities, and two different visuals of the four zones.

What is zones of regulation curriculum?

•Review the ZONES of Regulation curriculum and how it combines sensory & cognitive behavioral strategies for social-emotional learning and self- regulation in a classroom.

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