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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Zonai?

While little is known about the Zonai, it is known that they were a savage, warlike tribe from the Faron Region. They constructed several ancient ruins made of stone.

What are the Zonai ruins?

These ancient ruins are thought to be the home of a mysterious tribe of barbarians known as the Zonai, who vanished long ago. The Zonai Ruins mark only the entrance to a much larger ruin complex, which spans from its start at the Floria River, through the Damel Forest, and up to the Spring of Courage.

What is the significance of the Zonai garb?

As the garb's name implies, the outfit is very primitive and reminiscent of typical depictions of ancient tribes. The Zonai clearly idolized their fighting prowess to the highest degree in their culture, and many of their animal structures located throughout Faron may be further evidence of this.

Where can I find the Zonai armor set?

Since the armor is discovered in the tribe's most impressive pieces of architecture and the majority of the tribe's structures and ruins are located in the Faron region, it's very likely the warlike tribe mentioned in the armor set's description would be the Zonai.

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