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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Snape really hate Harry?

It’s no secret that Snape hates Harry. He doesn’t try to hide it at all. He was openly disdainful and often cruel. He threatened things such as using truth serum on Harry, for example. Beyond that, he took the time to purposefully try and make Harry’s life difficult during class hours.

Did Snape actually care about Harry Potter?

With all of this, it seems that the answer is clear: Snape is a good person. Did Snape care for Harry? Severus Snape did care for Harry Potter. He cared enough to save his life and protect him despite their mutual animosity. Did everyone find out Snape was good?

Is Snape a Death Eater?

Yes, Snape was a death eater but more importantly, he was also a double agent. A double agent is a spy who works for two sides, and keeps both of them under the impression that he is loyal only to them and working against the other side (hence the term double-cross which occurs when such agent betrays one of the sides).

Did Snape love Lily Potter?

When she was a young girl she was the only real friend of Severus Snape, and Snape always harbored a deep love for Lily. And although she was one of the few people at Hogwarts who was entirely unimpressed by him, her fellow Gryffindor James Potter was also deeply infatuated with her as well.

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