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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a York College visit like?

We strongly believe you'll leave your York College visit with a great understanding of what makes us unique and how we can fit into your vision for college and a career. Tour campus, ask students questions, attend a class, meet professors, discuss financial aid options, and so much more.

What are York College's covid-19 guidelines and campus visits?

Following the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, York College requires the use of masks indoors for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status. For additional information regarding the COVID-19 guidelines and campus visits, please visit our Campus Visit Guidelines Page, by clicking the button below.

Where is York College located?

York College is located in York, PA in the heart of the jobs-rich mid-Atlantic. We are just 45 minutes from Harrisburg, 1 hour from Baltimore, 2 hours from Washington D.C., and Philadelphia, 3.5 hours from New York City, Pittsburgh, and Richmond, and 4 hours from Long Island!

Does York College have a transfer specific event for transfer students?

Hear from York College's Financial Aid department to find out! The best way to get to know York College is to visit, and the perfect day for you to do that is one of our transfer specific events. Join us for a special day designed especially for transfer students. Get a transfer-centric perspective on admissions, credits, aid, and scholarships.

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