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Frequently Asked Questions

What colleges require SAT scores?

Colleges that Require or Strongly Recommend SAT Subject Tests: Boston University (some programs) Brown University. California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Carnegie Mellon University (requirements vary by school) Cooper Union (some programs) Cornell University (some programs)

What SAT scores do you need to get into college?

In general, a combined SAT score of roughly 1400 will make you competitive at nearly any college or university in the country. The definition of a "good" score, however, is entirely dependent upon what schools you're applying to.

What is the minimum age required to take the SAT?

As far as the age limit is concerned, there is no minimum or maximum age limit set by the conducting body. If you are a student applying for the SAT, you need to have passed high school. The majority of candidates taking the SAT exam are usually between the age group of 17-19 years.

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