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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do microphones use XLR cables?

Also, XLR cables are used for connecting most microphones. Because microphones often require a power source, some mixing boards are designed to provide power. This is called "phantom power.". XLR cables allow mixing boards to deliver phantom power to microphones.

Can you use XLR connectors for stereo signals?

So the recommendation is really not to use XLR connectors for stereo signals, unless it is for a special one-off purpose where the lack of balancing doesn't matter, and the convenience factor outweighs anything else. In fact there are such things as 5-pin XLR connectors.

Can I use a microphone cable as speaker cable?

You can use microphone cables for speakers and create what you would call a noiseless, balanced connection between the audio source and the speaker. The speaker you connect through an XLR connector has to be active (powered) or small enough for a regular cable to be able to handle the voltage of the amplified signal.

What is a balanced mic cable?

Balanced XLR microphone cables. A.k.a. 3 connector cables. These are shielded cables that provide a balanced signal. These are the preferred mic cables in any recording studio. Because of their design they have virtually no signal loss even in extremely long cables.

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