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Frequently Asked Questions

What does_xlfn mean in Excel?

An _xlfn. prefix is displayed in front of a function in a formula. When the formula is calculated, it displays the #NAME? error value. The Excel workbook contains a function that is not supported in the version of Excel that you are currently running.

What is ProNet xifin?

XIFIN ProNet opens up new revenue opportunities, improves quality assurance, and minimizes risk through secondary digital consultations and professional networking. Join the next generation in revenue cycle management.

What are the benefits of xfxifin lis?

XIFIN LIS increases lab testing capacity, enables the creation of new revenue models, improves operational efficiencies, and makes it easier to connect to other healthcare partners.

Why choose xifin RCM?

*Black Book Market Research LLC. XIFIN is the #1 Client-Rated RCM * year over year because we deliver results, such as a 21% average improvement in cash collections for outsource clients, and a 50% average reduction in denials. *Black Book Market Research LLC.

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