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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Xlendi Malta Bay?

Subscribe Today! Xlendi Malta Bay Gozo is located at the bottom of a very steep valley starting from the village of Kercem which is located very close to Victoria (Rabat), the capital city.

Can you swim in IX Xlendi Bay?

Ix-Xlendi Bay is a popular swimming, snorkelling and diving spot. There is a small sandy beach leading into shallow waters perfect for young and old, while for the more adventurous it is deslightful to swim and snorkel in deeper water off the long stretch of rocks bordering the beach.

Where is Xlendi Bay Gozo?

Xlendi Bay Gozo is a seaside village located on the southwest of the Island. This popular locality visited regularly by tourists and Maltese alike, and not least by the inhabitants themselves. The beach is small, but it is one of the best spots on the island.

How to get to ilix-Xlendi?

Ix-Xlendi lies on Gozo’s southwest coast and is easily reached by car either through il-Fontana or il-Munxar.

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