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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Google Translate?

Steps Visit Google Translate. Open a new web browser window or tab, and type “” in the address bar at the top. Enter the text you would like Google to translate. Enter the text in the left text area provided on the Google Translate page. Select the language of the text entered.

What are some funny Google Translate tricks?

17 Funny Google Translate Tricks To Make Google Say Hilarious Things 1. The first google translate funny trick is pretty basic, just make Google talk like Flanders from The Simpson. ... 2. Make google translate do a beatbox sound Here's how: First set the languages to German to German. ... 3. ... 4. ... 5. ... 7. ... 8. ... 9. ... 10. ... 11. ... More items...

How to make Google Translate Go Crazy?

Make Google go crazy By johnny b pierce 4/16/10 3:16 PM This is a javascript trick that will work on any website. Just go to the webpage you would like to view go bananas, erase the url from the address bar, insert this code into the empty address bar, hit enter, and enjoy:

What can Google Translate do?

Google Translate is a service provided by Google to translate a section of text, documents or a webpage into another language. It is known for being inaccurate at times. For example, most of its popularity stems from its translations—which are not exact, but a major basis of incorrect English—often known as Engrish.

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