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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Facebook to log into apps?

A convenient way for Facebook’s billions of global users to log into your app or website. Facebook Login enables people to have private & secure experiences, from basic account creation to social networking, all with the click of a button—it is uniquely positioned to offer a seamless experience across platforms, devices, and operating systems.

How do you log into Facebook?

It's really that easy. Here are some easy steps you can login into your Facebook app: Open the Facebook App in your mobile. Write the email or phone number with which you registered with. Enter your password and Click on Login. Now you don't need to login Facebook every time when you are using Facebook app on your mobile.

What platforms does Facebook Login support?

Facebook Login is a fast and convenient way for people to create accounts and log into your app across multiple platforms. It's available on iOS, Android, Web, desktop apps and devices such as Smart TVs and Internet of Things objects. Facebook Login enables two scenarios, authentication and asking for permissions to access people's data.

What are the features of Facebook Lite?

The Facebook Lite app has all the features such as status updates, photos, videos, news feed, notifications, profile and all others features which are available in main Facebook application. The app loads Facebook quickly. The app provides quick notification when friends will pokes like or comments, on your posts and text messages to you.

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