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What were living conditions like in the 1800s?

Living standards slowly increased but were still not at high levels. During 1890, the average income for a working-class family was 1700 marks, varying between the level of the job held. In order to pay for all expenses, such as rent, heating, and food, families had to be frugal. Due to the industrial revolution in the late 1800s and the large ...

What was the average life expectancy in the 1600s?

What was the life expectancy in the 1600? By Bocca Bre Last updated Mar 19, 2021. 39.7 years. Contrary to the commonly held belief that in antiquity and as late as 1700 A.D. normal lifespan was about 35 years, there are indications that the ancient Greeks lived longer. Contents hide.

What was life like for sharecroppers in the 1800s?

This stark reality played a hand in making the sharecropping arrangement of the 1800s less than fair for the workers. Sharecroppers grew crops on a plot of land provided by the owner. The usual contract allowed the sharecropper to purchase seed, equipment and other supplies on credit from the landowner.

Was life difficult in the 1800?

Life During the 1800s. Decent Essays. 566 Words. 2 Pages. Open Document. Life during the 1800s was already difficult for many people. When Civil War started, living became even more difficult for the most of the Americans. Civil War camp life was hard for most of the people .Northerners won the Civil War. Why did the Northerners win the Civil War?

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