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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of true motility?

What is true motility? the ability of an organism to move by itself by means of: flagellum, endoflagella, axil filaments either towards or away from a particular stimulus. What is Brownian motion?

What can cause low sperm motility?

The exact cause for low sperm motility can vary. Some men may have a genetic cause, while others may have an undiagnosed medical condition. Lifestyle and environmental factors also play a big role in sperm motility. Smoking, for example, has been linked to decreased sperm motility, especially if the man smokes more than 10 cigarettes per day.

What provides motility for a sperm cell?

The tail of the sperm - the flagellum - confers motility upon the sperm, and has three principal components: a central skeleton constructed of 11 microtubules collectively termed the axoneme and similar to the equivalent structure found in cilia. a thin cell membrane covering the axoneme.

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