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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Welsh rarebit made of?

A traditional Welsh rarebit consists of a savoury melted cheese sauce of grated sharp cheddar cheese; stout, beer or ale; butter; Worcestershire sauce and English mustard spread onto toast and grilled. Some people like to use English or Dijon mustard, while others prefer to use dry mustard powder.

What is Welsh rarebit cheese on toast?

Welsh Rarebit is a specialty recipe for cheese on toast, and it is easy to make, delicious, and incredibly comforting. It’s a family favorite, and a popular British breakfast recipe. If you love cheese and you love bread, then this Welsh Rarebit recipe needs to be on the top of your list for dishes to try.

What to do with a Welsh rarebit?

One of the simplest ways to jazz up your Welsh rarebit is to add a couple of rashers of crispy bacon before placing it under the grill. In fact, Welsh rarebit with bacon is so popular, many Welsh cafes and restaurants offer it as an extra on their menus.

What is the difference between Stout and Welsh rarebit?

Stout is made from roasted grains, and that process ends up giving the Welsh Rarebit a complex malty taste that you don't get with ale. However, it is a subtle difference that could be covered up with the different seasonings that you use. You can also make Welsh Rarebit without any beer.

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