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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of wall clocks?

Traditional to modern, chiming and non-chiming, plus an impressive selection of oversized gallery wall clocks for any room. Oversized wall clock with a metal frame finished in charcoal that encircles a distressed wooden ring, which is supported by tapered and galvanized steel.

Where do you use a wall mounted clock?

This clock is also perfect to be used in a big room, office or warehouse so everyone should be able to see the time from every distance and angle. View More See Full Product DescriptionClose Wall Clocks With Timely Style The right wall-mounted timepiece can be and stylish accent or the focal point of your room's decor.

What is the size of a wall clock?

Wall Clocks Wall Clocks Atomic Clock Non-ticking Digital Clock Width: Large (24-32 in.) Clock Width: Medium (12-24 in.) Clock Width: Oversized (32+ in.)

What is the best wall clock to save money?

Save $4.51(12%) Stoke 54 in. Round Giant Oversized Industrial Wall Clock byMercana (1) $22999 20 in. Round Avery Whisper Wall Clock byFirsTime (75) $3758 18 in. Digital Clock with Date, Indoor Temperature, and Blue LED Display byAcuRite (22) $7085 Oversized 31.50" Industrial Austin Wall Clock byStratton Home Decor (42) $12218 $223.87

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