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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you place a clock in a kitchen?

The easiest way to do so is to place your kitchen wall clock at eye level or just above. Alternatively, if you have an open-plan kitchen, you might want to kill two birds with one stone by placing your clock on a wall that can be gazed at easily both from the kitchen and your living room. What size kitchen clock to choose?

What kind of clock looks best with modern decor?

This nostalgic clock looks great with industrial, country, or mid-century modern decor. Most Silent HYLANDA Wall Clock - 12 Inch Vintage Wall Clocks Battery Operated - Retro Silent Non Ticking - Decorative Living Room Home Kitchen School Office

What is a wall clock?

The right wall-mounted timepiece can be and stylish accent or the focal point of your room's decor. Wall clocks offer an opportunity to reinforce the design of your space, enhance wall decorand add functionality to your room. Showcase them alone or make the clock a stylish addition to a gallery wall.

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