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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get voters to recognize your message?

Every communication your campaign has with a voter has to anchor in the message. The way to get voters to instantly recognize your message and associate it with your candidate is by constantly reminding them what it is. Voters will forget what a candidate says in a speech.

What is an example of a voter support message?

For example “We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support.” The key is to tap into the matter that concerns the voter. Bring in a local issue or a problem that needs to be solved; the volunteer can then persuade the voter to act upon it.

What is VoterVoice insights?

That’s why we created VoterVoice Insights, the first reporting of its kind in the advocacy space. Industry benchmarks allow you to gauge success by measuring your results against those of your peers, and real-time alerts notify you when performance drops below key thresholds.

How to create a candidate profile that appeals to voters?

Naturally, your campaign has to use that to create a candidate profile that appeals to voters. This is done through the use of voter communication material like speeches, literature, mail and texts addressed to the voter. All these communication methods have to stick to a single message.

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