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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find voter information in New York State?

Voter records are managed by the New York State Board of Elections. An online database is available, whereby searches may be performed by last name, first name, date of birth, county, and address. Campaign Finance records are also managed by the Board of Elections.

How to search for a candidate in a New York City election?

Search New York City candidate campaign finance disclosure records by election date, recipient name or contributor name. View New York City election results from 1999 to present. Search for lobbyists registered with the City of New York. Search for New York City polling locations and sample ballots by address.

What are votemonroe County voter records?

Monroe County Voter Records are documents that list information about a registered voters in Monroe County, New York. New York requires citizens to register with the Secretary of State in order to vote in local, New York, and federal elections.

What are voter records and voter databases?

Voter Records and voter databases include voter registration documents, voter precinct information, and party affiliation. They also list a voter's participation in previous local, state, and federal elections.

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