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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my Voter registration in NC?

Search county of voter's residence. If you've tried the hints above and cannot find your registration, please contact your county board of elections. If you wish to register to vote, visit How to Register. You don’t have javascript enabled. This site will not function without enabling it. © 2014-2021 NC State Board of Elections ×Close

How do I Find my Ballot style in North Carolina?

There are hundreds of ballot styles across North Carolina for every election, and different voters vote on different contests based on where they live. Go to the State Board of Elections Voter Search page. Enter the required fields, including your First name, Last name and Voter Status.

What if I Have Issues with the NC voter search website?

If you experience issues using the NC Voter Search website, please contact the State Board of Elections by phone at 866-522-4723 or by email at [email protected]

What is the “voter lookup”?

Searching for the “voter lookup”? This tool is known as the Voter Search. Find more information at Checking Your Registration. Learn how to navigate your voter profile within the Voter Search at Your Voter Record. Find a description of our voter tools and access forms at Voter Tools and Forms.

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