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Frequently Asked Questions

What is voicemod for Mac?

Voicemod allows you to switch on real time voice-changing moments that no one expects — get ready for all sorts of reactions! The Voicemod Soundboard is also on its way to your Mac! This means that you’ll be able to play sound effects on the fly while using Zoom, Skype or Facetime on Mac, or playing on Discord on Mac.

What can you do with voicemod clips?

You can do all of that and more with Voicemod Clips! Voicemod Clips is a Content Maker App that includes dozens of original voices and filters that will allow you to change your voice and apply fun filters to your smartphone's camera. The best voice changer and video editor for Social Networks.

How do I set up voicemod?

HOW TO SET UP VOICEMOD 1 Download Voicemod and configure it correctly on your PC by selecting your main microphone as the input device. ... 2 Make sure that the “Voice Changer” toggle at the bottom of the window is turned on. 3 Browse the library of voice effects, choose your favorites, and assign them to keybinds if you wish. More items...

What is voicemod voice changer/transformer?

Voicemod voice changer/ transformer is also compatible with Vivox (Overtone), Paltalk, Wire, Mumble, Tox,, ooVoo, Viber, Ekiga, Jitsi, Ventrilo or Hangouts. Voice mod is a simple free vice changer for Windows to chat online.

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