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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download voice recorder?

Download the audio file to your computer. The steps are a little different depending on whether you're using a PC or Mac: Open Finder and click iCloud Drive in the sidebar. Locate the audio file you saved. Press the Control key as you click the recording. Click Download Now.

What is a good audio recorder?

Our Highest Rated Portable Digital Audio Recorders for Interviews: TASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder (V2) TASCAM is a company that audio professionals have been relying on for more than thirty years. ... TASCAM DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder. Next up is another exceptional product from TASCAM. ... Aketek 650HR Digital Audio Voice Recorder. ... Olympus VN-7200 Digital Voice Recorder. ... More items...

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