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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ViewSonic a good TV brand?

Yes, Viewsonics are still every bit as good as they used to be. For the last 10 years or more, there is one company in Japan that makes the displays for all brands of job end monitors. They are now used by Viewsonic, Dell, HP, Samsung, LG, etc. Then those companies private label the bezel, and charge hundreds more than they cost to manufacture.

Who makes ViewSonic monitors?

The ViewSonic G Tablet is an Android-based tablet (slate) produced by ViewSonic Corporation, a manufacturer and provider of visual technology. It first appeared for consumer purchase at Sears on 1 November 2010.

How to reset ViewSonic monitors?

How to Reset a ViewSonic Monitor Press the AC power button to turn off the unit. Depending on the model Viewsonic, the button may be located next to the cords that connect ... Press and hold the up button and the power button simultaneously. These are located on the front of the computer monitor. Press the AC power button to turn the monitor back on. Keep the power and up buttons pressed until the message "All Reset" appears on your ... See More....

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