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Frequently Asked Questions

What is via ™?

Powering public mobility. ™ Via transforms transit systems into efficient digital networks. We deliver advanced software solutions and turn-key transit operations. Our partners are cities, private operators, school districts, corporations, and universities.

What is via care?

As a community-based organization, Via Care fulfills its mission by delivering quality health care services throughout the entire life cycle, in a manner that is respectful and conscious of the cultural and linguistic needs of our patients and their families.

Where does ViaVia operate?

Via operates ride-sharing services in New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. and in London, Amsterdam, and Berlin through our ViaVan venture. We offer the efficiency of a private car with the cost savings and congestion-reducing benefits of public transit.

What is via reimagining the world?

Reimagining how the world moves. Via transforms transportation and logistics systems into highly efficient digital networks. and equitable mobility across the globe. lower cost per trip in Hall County, Georgia. NYC school buses will be tracked in real-time. in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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