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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Verizon FiOS deal in Newport News?

If you’re looking into faster-than-light fiber internet, there’s a Verizon Fios deal for you in Newport News, VA. Want more than a Verizon Fios internet-only plan? Open your home up to more entertainment choices with Verizon Fios packages. Access Verizon Fios home internet plans in Newport News, VA.

Does Verizon have TV bundles in Newport News Va?

Fios TV and internet bundles in Newport News, VA. Life is about choices—and Verizon provides the maximum amount possible with a huge range of bundles, service options, and channels, including channels local to Newport News, VA. Verizon bundles also help you do more for less.

Why choose Verizon Fios Internet-only service?

The 100% fiber-optic Verizon Fios network ensures you can achieve the best possible speeds from any room in your home. When you choose Verizon internet-only service, you can look forward to a reliable connection that sustains all your online activities. Watch what you love with Verizon Fios TV in Newport News, {STATE_ABBREV}.

How do I contact Verizon FiOS?

Call the Verizon Fios customer support number at 1-800-836-4966, or find the right Verizon Fios phone number for your specific need on the customer service page.

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