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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the average car insurance a month?

So, auto insurance is not a waste of money or some frivolity to invest in. It is a necessity. This begs the question- How much should you spend on auto insurance coverage? The average price of car insurance per month is $65- $200, depending on the auto insurance premium you are signing for.

What state has the highest auto insurance rate?

Louisiana has the highest average auto insurance rates in the United States, while Maine has the lowest, according to new data from that ranks the states according to their average insurance rates (see the full ranking below).

Is car insurance paid monthly or yearly?

Depending on various factors, the decision to pay car insurance monthly or annually is specific to each person. Yearly and monthly payments methods have their own pros and cons as follows: Features of Yearly Payments. You may have to make a payment once a year and forget about it until next renewal.

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