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Frequently Asked Questions

Will USFL have a draft?

The USFL league begins on Tuesday, February 21, with the draft. The draft will span across two days. The new 8-team league will play all of its games in Birmingham, Alabama. It will give players an excellent opportunity to showcase their talents for NFL scouts or perhaps scouts in the Canadian league.

Is the USFL coming back?

The United States Football League is back. No, you haven't been mysteriously transported back to the mid-1980s, when the league originally existed. The USFL is relaunching in April 2022, 39 years after playing its first season and 36 years after ceasing operations.

Will USFL have betting odds?

Yes, betting on USFL odds is legal at domestic venues and offshore sportsbook sites. The USFL betting sites that we recommend the most fall in the latter category and allow for 18 and over American gamblers to legally wager on the United States Football League because there are no laws in place that say you cannot.

Why is USFL playing all games in Birmingham?

Due to a scheduling conflict with the 2022 World Games, which will take place over 10 days in July in Birmingham, the playoff and championship games for the United States Football League’s inaugural season will be played in Canton, Ohio, home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, league officials confirm.

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