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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a 55 gallon drum?

Lab Alley is a bulk hydrogen peroxide supplier, wholesaler and distributor. You can buy a 55 gallon drum of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide or technical grade hydrogen peroxide online from Lab Alley. Commercial and industrial users can also purchase a 55 gallon drum of 10% hydrogen peroxide .

How much does a 55 gallon barrel cost?

Barrels can be made of steel, plastic, or Vestil fiber, but 55 gallon plastic barrels will be the cheapest out of all of them. If you look at the prices of plastic barrels, they are typically as low as $45. This might seem low, but they can also cost up to $100 or more depending on where it is purchased from.

Who sells 55 gallon barrels?

Sourcing Reconditioned/ New 55 Gallon Barrels & Drums If you struggle to find a reclaimed barrel or drum, you could also consider buying one from a local Home Depot, or another hardware store. Online sellers on eBay,, and through a range of online commerce sites, sell 55 gallon drums and barrels.

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