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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Air Force e-publishing program?

The Air Force has transitioned from all paper-based products in the 1980s, to pubs on floppies in the 1990s, to internet served pubs in the 2000s which introduced the era of the e-Publishing program. E-Publishing encompasses online developing, formatting, posting, accessing, viewing and downloading electronic products and ordering printed media.

How long is an OPR course in the Air Force?

History Control OPR F (19 weeks or less) E (20 weeks or more) 9 OPR Grade Applicable Grade 10 OPR Duty Air Force Specialty Code Applicable Duty Air Force Specialty Code 11 Course Length Scheduled Course Length. See Table 6.2. Note: When updating officer TRs use the applicable data.

What does the Air Force EPR/OPR program do?

Joint Base San Antonio - RandolphTX 78150 Note: All processing of EPRs/OPRs are completed by AFPC/DP1SSP via vPC). Manages the Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, including evaluation appeals, for all RegAF airman basic through lieutenant colonel following direction provided by AF/A1P.

What is afafdpo ePUBS?

AFDPO maintains and manages the e-Publishing web site ( which is the repository for official Air Force publications and forms. The e-Pubs web site is a public website which hosts unclassified products and lists titles of classified and restricted access products.

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