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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Urbini Reversi stroller?

This model is no longer available or might have limited distribution. This umbrella-style stroller has a unique reversible seat and can accept the Urbini Sonti infant car seat. The Urbini Reversi is part of the Strollers test program at Consumer Reports.

Which Urbini stroller should you buy?

The Urbini Reversi is a great buy for parents looking for an affordable, lightweight option. This stroller can be reversed so that the baby faces you or the world around them and it reclines to multiple positions to ensure your little one is comfortable.

What is the Urbini Reversi?

The Urbini Reversi has a revolutionary new design that takes into account the needs of both parents and babies. It features a reversible seat, allowing parents to quickly switch it to face either direction depending on their needs.

What is stroller maneuverability?

Maneuverability Maneuverability is assessed by trained testers, taking into account how well each stroller, with a weight bag "passenger," maneuvers on our course: in S-turns through cones, in narrow sections, on grass, dirt trails with tree roots and other debris, uphill, downhill and up and down curbs.

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