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Frequently Asked Questions

What does unresponsive mean?

Medically speaking, when a person is called unresponsive, it means they're at least unconscious, and possibly dead or dying. One may also ask, what do you do if a person is unresponsive but breathing?

What causes unresponsive episodes?

What could be the cause of sudden onset unresponsive episodes in a middle aged male post traumatic brain injury. These episodes are triggered by light, noise, concentration, ........There are cognitive impairments such as inititiation, memory, concentration, judgment, following instructions, comprehension, focus, word find.

What causes a patient to be unresponsive?

Unconsciousness can be brought on by a major illness or injury, or complications from drug use or alcohol misuse. Common causes of unconsciousness include: a car accident. severe blood loss. a blow to the chest or head. a drug overdose. alcohol poisoning.

What is the definition of unresponsive?

Definition of 'unresponsive'. unresponsive. An unresponsive person does not react or pay enough attention to something, for example to an urgent situation or to people's needs. He was totally unresponsive to the pressing social and economic needs of the majority. ...a cold, unresponsive man.

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