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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to unify something?

Unifying: to bring (something) to a central point or under a single control. Synonyms: centering, centralizing, compacting… Antonyms: decentralizing, deconcentrating, spreading (out)…

What is Logitech Unifying and how does it work?

Logitech Unifying is a magical and space-saving technology. Logitech Unifying Software is the application that you will need to have if you are planning to use a Unifying receiver on your computer or laptop. In this article we will discuss the main features of the Logitech Unifying Receiver software. How Do I Download Logitech Unifying Software?

What is the opposite of unifying?

Near Antonyms for unifying. detaching, disaffiliating, disconnecting, disjoining, disjointing, dissociating, disuniting, dividing,

How do I manage devices that use a unifying receiver?

Note: The Dell Unifying Software lets you manage your devices that use a Unifying receiver. You can add or remove devices using the software's wizard. For more information on unifying devices, please browse to the: Logitech Unifying Software page .

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