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Frequently Asked Questions

What is co-ed housing at UCSB?

Co-ed Housing allows for mixed gender roommate groups, by request, to share the same unit/room in Manzanita Village, San Rafael Residence Hall or any UCSB apartment. Students are able to create mixed gender roommate groups through the standard room selection process.

Why work at UC Santa Barbara?

UC Santa Barbara is the largest employer in Santa Barbara County. We’ve also been voted its best place to work. Our inspirational environment — from our oceanside location to our vibrant campus culture — plays no small role in that.

How many people work at UCSB?

With a strong commitment to diversity, UCSB fills approximately 500-600 jobs annually. We are home to six Nobel laureates and a dozen national institutes and centers. Total campus employment at UCSB numbers over 10,000 — a figure that includes student workers.

What is the UCSB dining commons?

UCSB’s student venue for concerts, dances, comedy shows and other social events. Learn about making smart choices while eating in the UCSB Dining Commons.

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