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Frequently Asked Questions

How many titles has Auriemma won for UConn?

Auriemma has led UConn to 11 titles, with a staggering 10 coming since 2000. The Huskies' dominance, in many ways, forced everyone else to get better. Teams like Ohio State responded.

Is UConn a title town?

Since the graduation of UConn’s 2016 class, which won four consecutive championships, there’s been a drought in what was long considered Title Town. But because UConn kept playing in the national semifinals, or the championship game like last year, it always had a shot at bringing home No. 12.

Will Paige bueckers get UConn back on track?

The arrival of 2020 consensus high school player of the year Paige Bueckers was supposed to get UConn back on track. But Bueckers has spent more time injured than in uniform. Super sophomore Azzi Fudd has also struggled to stay healthy. UConn has always had a short bench, and that lack of depth hurt the Huskies more than ever this year.

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