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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of application software?

Application software is able to manipulate text, numbers and graphics. <br /> 3. Word Processing Software: <br />This software enables the users to create and edit documents. <br />MS-Word, WordPad, Notepad and some other text editors.<br /> 4. Spreadsheet Software: <br />Spreadsheet software allows users to perform calculations.

What are the different types of presentation software?

Presentation Software: <br />The software that is used to display information in the form of a slide show is known as presentation software. <br />Microsoft PowerPoint<br /> 6. Database Software: <br />Database software allows the users to store and retrieve data from databases. <br />Oracle, MSAccess, etc.<br />

Which is the most used application software?

Answer: Most used application software is word processors, database software, presentation software, web browser, customer relationship management system, etc. Q4) Which are the main types of application software? The following are the leading application software: ● Web browsers ● Presentation software ● Spreadsheet software ● Graphic software

What are some examples of educational software?

A few examples of educational software include Canvas, Duolingo, Encarta and ClassDojo. At times, you might hear a collection of different software applications referred to as an application software suite.

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