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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the center of Tropical Depression Ida?

At 400 PM CDT (2100 UTC), the center of Tropical Depression Ida was located near latitude 32.6 North, longitude 90.3 West.

Where is Post Tropical Cyclone Ida located?

DISCUSSION AND OUTLOOK ---------------------- At 500 AM EDT (0900 UTC), the center of Post-Tropical Cyclone Ida was located near latitude 41.4 North, longitude 71.6 West. The post-tropical cyclone is moving toward the northeast near 28 mph (44 km/h), and some increase in the forward motion is expected on Thursday.

What is Tropical Depression Ida doing in New England?

The main concern is with Tropical Depression Ida, as the storm migrates northeast and gradually merges with a pre-existing front from the Ohio Valley across southern New England, becoming post-tropical by Thursday morning.

Is Ida still a tropical storm 2021?

400 PM CDT Mon Aug 30 2021 Ida has continued to weaken while moving farther inland over west-central Mississippi this afternoon. Recent observations indicate that the stronger winds seen this morning along the northern Gulf coast have now dropped below tropical storm strength, and Ida has become a tropical depression. Additional weakening

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