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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Ada ever be supported by Trezor one?

Hopefully, sooner or later, ADA will be one of the currencies supported by TREZOR ONE. On the other hand, and without the intention of offending or bothering anyone on the team. I am quite surprised that the input range of support ledger to CARDANO and trezor is not, what could it be?

Is Adalite available in Trezor?

Available in Trezor Wallet? AdaLite is an open-source Cardano wallet interface developed and maintained by Vacuumlabs. AdaLite interface is currently compatible with Trezor Model T.

Will Trezor support vechain?

Hopefully, in the finware transfer project from T to ONE, ADA will be one of the supported currencies. On the other hand, it would be very interesting for TREZOR to support Vechain. A greeting and Thanks forward. VeChain did launch a new mainnet token that is no longer using ERC20 token standard.

Can I replace my old Trezor with a new one?

Yes, you can always use a new trezor with your old seed and get everything back. Trezor is the world's original Bitcoin hardware wallet, protecting coins for thousands of users worldwide. What makes Trezor even better is the community behind it, gathered in this subreddit.

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