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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you solve the converted tower puzzle in Elden Ring?

Let erudition help you solve the Converted Tower puzzle in Elden Ring. The Converted Tower in Elden Ring is one of the many sorcerer towers dotted around the map. Gaining access to the top floor, and the reward that awaits you, is all part of solving the Converted Tower puzzle.

Can you climb the fringe tower in Elden Ring?

Upon entering this structure, players will encounter a barrier that prevents them from the climbing the tower and claiming its rewards. Fans that are interested in breaking the seal in Elden Ring 's Converted Fringe Tower must first fulfill some prerequisites, and full details on the process can be found in this guide.

How do you bypass the seal in Elden Ring?

This transaction will result in players earning the Erudition gesture in Elden Ring, and they now have everything that they need to bypass the seal in the Converted Fringe Tower. After returning to the Converted Fringe Tower, players should equip the Glintstone Crown, stand in front of the seal, and perform the Erudition gesture.

What is the isolated Divine Tower in Elden Ring?

The Isolated Divine Tower is tied to the Great Rune of Malenia, and thus is typically the last Divine Tower players visit in Elden Ring. Malenia's Great Rune makes attacks the player makes heal a small amount of HP after they have been damaged. Basically, if you get hit and quickly deal damage back, you'll recover a good portion of HP.

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