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Frequently Asked Questions

Is plastic surgery good for your health?

A few examples of how specific Plastic Surgery procedures can improve the patient’s health: Self-Esteem is probably the most valuable of all of the health benefits to be derived from Plastic Surgery. Breast Reduction can have a dramatic impact on a woman’s posture and almost always results in relief from neck, shoulder and back pain.

What are the types of plastic surgery?

The most common cosmetic surgeries are breast augmentation, liposuction, nasal surgery, eyelid surgery and abdominoplasty. Other Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Include: Abdominoplasty - tummy tuck. Blepharoplasty - eyelid surgery. Phalloplasty. Mammoplasty: - Breast augmentations - breast implant or "boob job".

Why to get plastic surgery?

Another reason to get plastic surgery can be attributed to a desire to correct a scar or abnormality. Whether you have been in a terrible accident or suffered a traumatizing experience that has left your body severely scarred, cosmetic surgery is one of the most effective ways to correct your physical problem.

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