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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the antonym of build?

The antonym for the word 'build' is 'destroy', while the synonyms of the. word build include: construct, put up, erect, create, assemble, make, fabricate, manufacture and put together among others. The other antonyms. with the same meanings as destroy are obliterate, demolish and. disintegrate among others.

What is a synonym for building?

Synonyms for building. a usually permanent construction, such as a house or store. Synonyms. edifice. pile. structure.

What are synonyms for build up?

Synonyms of build up. accelerate, accumulate, appreciate, balloon, boom, burgeon (also bourgeon), climb, enlarge, escalate, expand, gain, increase, mount, multiply, mushroom, proliferate, rise, roll up, snowball, spread, swell, wax.

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