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Frequently Asked Questions

How successful was the Sundays on Sunday tour?

The tour was considered successful, although it was not without some mishaps; a London show had to be rescheduled due to Wheeler losing her voice and the group experienced some amusement when a Dallas, Texas, show was advertised with the slogan "See The Sundays on Sunday with ice-cream sundaes".

What was the Sundays'first album?

The Sundays secured a recording contract with Rough Trade Records. Their debut single was " Can't Be Sure ". Their first album, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, was released in 1990, along with their next single " Here's Where the Story Ends ".

Where did the Sundays go on their promotional tour?

The Sundays devoted nearly a year to an "exhausting" promotional tour, which encompassed America, Europe, and Japan.

What was the Sundays'third most successful single in America?

It was The Sundays' third most successful single in the US, behind "Here's Where the Story Ends" (which made it to number 1 on the US Alternative Rock chart) and "Love" (which made it to number 2).

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