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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sunday Standard/The Telegraph?

See More ... See More See Less Sunday Standard/ The Telegraph is in Serowe, Botswana. ... See More See Less

What day of the week should you advertise in a newspaper?

Wednesdays tend to offer a lot of food and grocery advertisements and show a corresponding increase in readership, so you might want to run your ad on this day, too. Most newspapers give you the option of placing the ad online, but others will make you phone it in.

Should you advertise in the classifieds section of the newspaper?

Erin Eberlin is a real estate and landlord expert, covering rental management, tenant acquisition, and property investment. She has more than 16 years of experience in real estate. Placing an ad in the classified section of the newspaper can be a good old-fashioned way to find tenants for your rental property. It's worked for decades for a reason.

How long do online newspaper ads last?

On average, online ads run for 30 days for a set fee. Keep in mind this won't reach those who don't look at the online versions of newspapers, but as the numbers indicate, these households are rather few. And some newspapers offer combination deals, so you can run a print ad and an online ad as well for one price.

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