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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adjective for humor?

adjective characterized by humor; funny; comical: a humorous anecdote. having or showing the faculty of humor; droll; facetious: a humorous person.

What does it mean to have a great sense of humor?

b : the mental faculty of discovering, expressing, or appreciating the ludicrous or absurdly incongruous : the ability to be funny or to be amused by things that are funny a guy with a great sense of humor.

What is a humorous quote?

Such quotations may attempt to honour another work or serve humorous or dramatic purposes. This poem was one student's humorous way of expressing her opinion about the newly adopted dress code of her high school. Generating humorous similarities between concepts: a cognitive experimental inquiry.

Is humor masculine or feminine?

And the humor of this group was predominantly aggressive and face-threatening. The unity of the organs is such that when one is harmed, humors from other organs flow to cure it. The content of the humor is intuitively masculine but is not examined with reference to a clearly defined continuum.

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