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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cast list?

The Cast List is a project made with passion for the entire industry, as well as other industries in search of talents.

What is the list?

What is The List? THE LIST is a half hour, nationally syndicated show that gives viewers practical information in an entertaining way. We share expert advice and provide “take away” in different ways for our audience .

What happened to the cast of Million Dollar Listing?

" As Million Dollar Listing evolved, so too did its cast. With Hildenbrand the sole member of the first season to stick around (he exited after Season 10), the cast eventually settled into an ensemble comprised of Josh Altman, Tracy Tutor, Josh Flagg, James Harris and David Parnes.

Why is Olivia Colman’s name on the cast list?

Her name is prominent at the top of the cast list. The film has a long cast list with dozens of minor characters. His name on a cast list was almost a guarantee of quality. Olivia Colman heads an impressive cast list. The cast list was posted on the noticeboard.

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