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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best jogger baby stroller?

While the BOB brand has dominated the jogging stroller market in the past, Thule is quickly becoming a newer favorite among both casual and more serious running parents. The Urban Glide 2 is a sleek, adaptable jogging stroller that’s nimble enough to navigate urban settings or take offroad.

What are the features of a baby jogger stroller?

Some jogging strollers also feature a hand brake to help slow the stroller down. Five-point harness: Just like your baby’s car seat, the seat in a jogging stroller should have this type of harness to keep your child secure. Canopy: Look for an extra-large canopy to shield your child from the sun.

What are the benefits of using a jogger stroller?

But if you plan to run or jog, or traverse bumpy sidewalks, dirt roads or other rugged surfaces, a jogging stroller can be key. Jogging strollers are made to absorb the bouncing that comes along with more intense speeds or uneven surfaces. They keep your little one safe and comfortable.

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