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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Microsoft templates?

Find Templates for Microsoft Word for Windows or Mac Seek new templates online. Go to the Microsoft Office website and browse their template selection. Verify that the template you want is compatible with your version of Microsoft Word. Download the template to a location you can remember and find easily.

What is a HTML template?

An HTML template is a folder which contains the necessary template files. A template folder is comprised of the following items: config.xml: The configuration file provides instructions about how Clarify should prepare your content prior to passing it off to the PHP engine.

What is a CSS layout?

CSS is a style language that defines layout of HTML documents. For example, CSS covers fonts, colours, margins, lines, height, width, background images, advanced positions and many other things.

What is the CSS code for a website?

CSS code is a programming language used in website design and in the creation of HTML templates. It is used to format the look and format of a web page, setting design elements such as the basic layout, colors, and fonts.

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