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Frequently Asked Questions

What is openEHR operational template (opt)?

Each such data set is defined in terms of an openEHR Operational Template (OPT), derived from a source template, and ultimately particular archetypes, which are themselves constraint models based on the RM, i.e. the 'canonical model.

What is the openEHR Foundation?

The openEHR Foundation is an independent, non-profit foundation, facilitating the sharing of health records by consumers and clinicians via open specifications, clinical models and open platform implementations. Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.

How do I create a template in ADL designer?

The ADL Designer will open to display a list of the archetypes and templates contained in the selected repository. Click on the 'New' button and select the 'Template' option.

What are the default serialised data representations for openEHR content?

The default serialised data representations for openEHR content are canonical XML, based on the openEHR RM XSDs, canonical JSON, described by the openEHR JSON schemas, and potentially any other canonical serial format based on the underlying Reference Model (e.g. YAML etc). Here, 'canonical' means any fully-expressed instance data in which:

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