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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pinnacle technology sales?

John Zielinski, after a brief design career at the Dept. of Army (Aberdeen Proving Ground) started selling high technology products in 1989. In the 1990’s he worked as a Field Sales Engineer in Industrial Electronics Distribution. John transitioned into the manufacturer’s representative business in 1999 and founded Pinnacle Technology Sales (PTS).

Why choose northeast technical sales?

North East Technical Sales, Inc. and the manufacturers we represent offer start-up, application, installation, maintenance contracts and calibration services for all the products we offer. Providing quality service for the products we provide is one our highest priorities.

Who is nanorth east technical sales?

North East Technical Sales Inc. is a manufacturers’ representative and distributor of industrial and environmental process controls and monitoring solutions. Our sales coverage spans from metro NY through Virginia.

Who is valve tech industrial?

And for Your Industrial / PVF valve needs…Valve Tech Industrial is the VTS sister company with more of an Industrial / PVF focus. As both a Rep and Master Distributor, Valve Tech Industrial offers a broad range of Industrial product and expertise. Ask us about ORBINOX knife gates.

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