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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate tablet mode?

To activate the Tablet Mode, click on the Notification icon in the taskbar and select Tablet Mode. Windows 10 will instantly switch from the Desktop to Tablet Mode. Once this happens, you will immediately notice a few things: Your active application will go full-screen. You will see a change in the Taskbar.

How do I switch to tablet mode?

In build 9926, you can switch between Tablet and Desktop mode easily by a button in Action Center. To open Action Center, you can swipe from the right on a touchscreen or click the Action Center icon on system tray. As default, the mode switching button is the first one in the row of four buttons at the bottom of Action Center.

How do I Turn on tablet mode on my laptop?

To get started – Click on Start Button. From start menu go to Settings > System. Look at the left sidebar, You will see “Tablet Mode“. Just click on that. Now, Turn it On or Off by toggling the switch as screenshot above.

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