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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the end of the Lincoln Highway?

This section attempts to have the ending explained of The Lincoln Highway. After serving a year in juvenile incarceration for the murder of Jimmy Snyder, Emmett Watson finally returns to Morgen. Jimmy was a thorn in Emmett’s side who had provoked him into striking him.

Is the Lincoln Highway a good novel?

An absorbing, exhilarating ride, The Lincoln Highway is a novel as vivid, sweeping, and moving as readers have come to expect from Towles’s work. Introduction from the Author

Why is there a disconnect between Towles and Lincoln Highway?

The ‘disconnection’ could be firstly because of the expectations after my first Towles, A Gentleman in Moscow, and secondly the title of this book, The Lincoln Highway. The story is in some ways about The Lincoln Highway, but just a wee bit. It is more about the people, the lives, the characters.

What is your review of the Lincoln Highway postcard?

The Lincoln Highway Postcard (Source: Time Magazine)The book is brilliantly structured and obsessively enjoyable, much from his first two books. One of the concepts Towles discusses is how wickedness may be countered by integrity and generosity at every level of society.

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